I came to Dr. Ragon's office after years of chronic pain that began in my twenties. I suffered from chronic muscle pain, headaches, intestinal issues, allergies and sleep issues. I saw general practitioners, various specialists including a rheumatologist, a neurologist, an allergist, physical therapists and other chiropractors over the years. I had x-rays, CAT scans, blood work, and eventually I was diagnosis with fibromyalgia, TMJ, IBS, migraines, seasonal and yeast allergies and a hormone imbalance. I was prescribed many different medications from muscle relaxants to anti-anxiety medication, migraine medication to hormone replacement therapy. Many times being told if one didn't work "lets try" another or if one made me drowsy, this one could help "wake me up." I was also told by many that "this may be as good as you'll ever feel." It was an incredibly discouraging time and I became
increasingly convinced that drugs were not the answer when they didn't truly know the real cause of my problems. I was seeing a holistic psychologist to deal with the stress and pain when she recommended Dr. Ragon.

Dr. Ragon has helped my own body to tell us what's wrong, to begin to heal itself and all this through abstaining from allergens, taking supplements, and routine adjustments. I feel better than I did on all the medications and I feel better about my overall health. I am happy I have a practitioner that supports my belief in a healthy lifestyle and optimizing my own body's ability to heal. These past few years has educated me a great deal with my preferences of treatment and the way I want to live my life -drug free.

My husband has since visited Dr. Ragon for various chiropractic and nutritional concerns with much success. Our twin sons became patients when they were 3 months old. The goal is to keep our family as healthy and happy as possible with a focus on good nutrition and healthy habits that help our bodies heal themselves. We know Dr. Ragon can guide us, teach us, and help us with this goal.

Gabriela G.

Asthma and dairy allergy

My daughter had a persistent cough as a toddler. At 2 she was diagnosed by her physician with Asthma, and was sent to a Cardio Pulmonologist. She was prescribed an inhaler and 2 rounds of steroids every day. When she got sick, her Asthma increased, and so did the medications she was on. Any physical activity also increased her coughing and Asthma symptoms. I hated giving my young daughter so many medications, especially steroids. And
she still coughed! I took her to Dr. Ragon, and he muscle tested her on her first visit. He discovered she has an allergy to milk. After removing milk from her diet she has been steroid and inhaler free! My daughter is still able to enjoy small amounts of milk, and I am happy to have a healthy child. She is a very physically active child and has not been on medications since we first saw Dr. Ragon in October of 2008.

Martin M.

Bulging Disc

I came in to Dr. Ragon's office in November 2008 with sever pain in my neck and down my left arm. The pain was so severe I was afraid I might need surgery. Because I own my own business, this was not an option I ever wanted to consider. After my first exam, Dr. Ragon sent me for an x-ray that confirmed what he suspected, a bulging disc. He treated me in his office a couple times a week to start, and after just a short time it really started to
feel better. As the pain subsided, my appointments decreased to twice a week and than once a week. Now I am pain free and visit the office once a month for continued maintenance and wellness care.

Juanita N.

Fibromyalgia and Acid Reflux

I had the pleasure and blessing of meeting Dr. Ragon through his brother-in-law Chad and sister Joy. I met Chad at an employee family birthday party. We were kind of introducing each other when I explained that I am a practitioner in Jin Shin Jyutsu (a form of acupressure) and how I do self-help to relieve the pain from fibromyalgia. He then proceeded to tell me that his brother-in-law is a chiropractor and made him pain free from his acid reflux and that he could make me pain free from my fibromyalgia. I proceeded to tell him I also suffer from acid reflux. I then asked him how Dr. Ragon made him pain free and if it was like the 24 week program I know other chiropractors prescribed. He instantly said "no!" I said, "I'll take his number and set up an appointment." That was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was amazed at how I felt after the first treatment. It surely has been a blessing. Dr. Ragon has helped me tremendously. I'm not quite pain free, but I have increased my knowledge in self-help techniques and my pain has greatly decreased. I continue performing Jin Shin Jyutsu and believe that with both techniques that I will be pain free.

Erin B.

Chronic Pain

My previous doctors saw how depressed I was having chronic pain and suggested antidepressants, which I was against. Since seeing Dr. Ragon, when I do have pain and pain experienced during therapy, Dr. Ragon will say, "We'll just have to make you stronger." My whole attitude changed! He
doesn't just adjust me, we discuss everything from ways to change my diet, address concerns other than back pain, even simple things like how to get over a cold easier and alleviate stress in my body that takes over and causes pain. I have never felt better in my life! To feel this good after every other doctor said to take pain pills and someday surgery is a relief. I love Dr. Ragon and hope he never moves out of Ohio!

Brian J.

Physically Stressed Student

I am 25 years old and have been seeing Dr. Ragon regularly for two years. Seven years ago, I enrolled at a university where I studied engineering for the next five years of my life. Throughout those five years, my posture deteriorated greatly as a result of the countless hours spent studying over books. The deteriorating posture, combined with the effects of stress, led to headaches and digestive issues. When I graduated with my degree, I realized that I would be sitting behind a desk for a large portion of my life so I needed to take some action.

A family member recommended Dr. Ragon, and he immediately set about the task of restoring a few years worth of negative muscle memory.
Thanks to Dr. Ragon's vast knowledge of the field of chiropractics, nutrition and exercise, I am currently feeling the best I have been in a long time. My posture and digestive system have recovered, and I no longer suffer from headaches that used to plague my life, not to mention that I am now in the process of regaining my physical fitness levels.

Lisa M.

Postpartum and Polycystic Uterian Disorder

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Dr.Ragon for healing me. I feel amazing and strong these days and I attribute my good health to the dietary changes that Dr. Ragon advised and the acupressure technique that relieves my anxiety. I have more energy than I've had in 18 years, but most of all...I have hope.

Ever since I gave birth to Ella, I have had extreme fatigue, increased anxiety, frequent headaches, and a feeling of weakness. Most recently I've had symptoms of polycystic uterian disorder which included abnormal pain, cycts, frequent bleeding, hot flashes and an inability to lose weight.

I've been to several doctors over the years and they were unable to provide me with any relief. Upon my first visit with Dr. Ragon in July 2009, I was taking four different prescription medications. None of the medication changed anything and it just exacerbated my anxiety. Dr. Ragon observed my fatigue and weakness. After 7 months under Dr. Ragon's care, I was on only one medication which I hope to discontinue soon.

Dr. Ragon is a wonderful doctor on many different levels. I appreciate his understanding of nutrition and how it impacts the body and the mind. He is a talented doctor who doesn't lose sight of the patient as an individual. His ability to make those connections between body, mind and spirit is what makes him so unique and allows him to be successful at healing his patients.

When I injured my back he fixed me right up as well. I'm also super excited about the work he is doing with me in regards to my meridian issues. Dr. Ragon is the only doctor I've had in my entire life who knows how to treat me.